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Welcome to our 1st installment of the Wolf Twin Review!

Introducing: Russil Tamsen, poet of music and verse, guitar tickler, world traveler, inciter of mirth, and avid nature lover.

Portrait by: Tré
Portrait by: Tré


Delight to see sprites

Between the pines slipping slight

While moon mist thickens.


Wolves ripping the sky.

Alert echo-piqued ears scan

Across glacier scree.

Dark Matter

Beyond their pond rim

Koi sense a tough mystery...

But can't crack that case.

Featured Poet Interview:

1. When did you start writing poetry?

I took a few stabs at it as a teenager; through college my head was poetic but more into penning song lyrics. In my late 20s, scribbling poems kept my creative fire alive at boring jobs. 

2. What drew you to haiku?

Getting older. Enjoying simplicity. Especially, I found haiku to be an evocative way to caption photographs or pieces of art.

3. Who are your favorite poets?

Ken Nordine, E.E. Cummings, and Jill Scott.

4. Where do you go to be inspired?

To the dreamtime. To a blank page. To the world's endless problems. Inside, to feelings that are hard to describe. Staring into the distance can be fruitful... 

5. What is your favorite color?

How about a favorite paint color name instead: you can find 'elephant breath' at Lowe's. 

6. If you were a tree, which would you be?

Ah. In a previous lifetime as a druid, I probably would have known the correct answer to this. I am going to guess a redwood.

To Russil:

Thank you so much for being our first Featured Poet, and welcome to the Wolf Pack!

Dearest Readers:

Greetings, fellow poetry lovers. Check back next month, or subscribe to our blog to see the amazing poets we have lined up. Owwwoooooo!

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