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MOONSCAPE by Thomas L. Vaultonburg and Tré
MOONSCAPE by Thomas L. Vaultonburg and Tré

MOONSCAPE has launched! Come with us to discover 1 year of illustrated haiku pairings, inspired by the 12 phases of the moon. This 80-page masterpiece—designed for both art lovers and discerning art collectors—unfolds as a truly distinctive and captivating expression of shared creativity. Be enveloped in velvety grey gradients, bold black-and-white contrasts, and the sharp details that bring our Art Book to life.  MOONSCAPE HAIKU PHASE I is the first of three books in Thomas & Tré's "SCAPE TRILOGY" Art Book series. TREESCAPE HAIKU PHASE II is already in production. DREAMSCAPE HAIKU PHASE III will follow, completing the set.

To everyone who has patiently waited, it truly means the world to us. We have created an array of book and art loving rewards that we are delighted to share, including: signed book copies, Limited Edition Prints, commissioned artwork, and custom haikus.

Secure your copy and join our moonstruck adventure! Pre-order by following this link:


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