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National Poetry Month was a whirlwind! Feast your eyes upon our lovely collection of April poems and lyrics, all highlighted during the most poetic month of our year.

Day 4:

Day 8:

Eclipse: Illustration by Tre
Eclipse: Illustration by Tre


When night becomes day

All of the signs point to us

Edged in silhouette



Sun and moon jockey

For stage time—meh—neither the

Real light in my world

Thomas L. Vaultonburg 

Day 11:

Bourbon: Illustration by Tré
Bourbon: Illustration by Tré


By Samantha Keeter

Simply borrowed

Like the warmth of the sun

Given our days are numbered

Like a sip of bourbon

Labeled for valor

Yet tasting of sorrow

Quietly borrowed

Somehow bestowed

A mirrored hourglass

Perched high on a shelf

Out of reach

But forever in your gaze

Burned into a memory

A constant reminder

That this very moment is

Simply borrowed

Day 16:

No Holding Back


No room for doubt or fear here

No way you can be too queer here

No request to be anything less than the best version of yourself. Listen to FUTURE NATURE.

Day 18:

"Wild Parsley"

By Devin Cherubini

She chops wild Parsley

With gentle agile fingers

That have touched me

Like no other

She is the Fairy Goddess

I wake to in the Morning

When the Sun shines

Upon my frightened face

I do not want Tears anymore

I see her wipe them away

With a splendor that is

Her loving gaze.

Day 19:

The Kiss Illustration by Tré
The Kiss: Illustration by Tré


By Aria Cusano

I sway in the moment of the night.

When your hand touches the base of my spine.

Your arms pulling me towards you,

And my head pulls back as you grab my hair.

You’re speaking to me, all the secrets and desires in your heart.

You’re telling me what you wish to do to me.

And at a whisper, you break my resolve apart.

Your eyes are boring into my soul, and I am entirely yours.

You know this, you thrive off this, this moment, the catch.

Devour me entirely; tell me you are going to do so.

Your hands romance me, and your eyes make me dance.

My heart’s beating so fast it may burst from my chest.

And I’d gladly hand it to you on a silver platter.

Except for the fact that you’ve been carrying it in your pocket.

You know just how to stroke it and hold it.

I sway in that moment; lost in that space,

Where your hand wraps around my throat and I let out a gasp.

And your lips touch mine, and your tongue flicks out to open them.

My hands are clutching your shirt and arms.

And you seem to be taking my very life from my mouth.

I feel as if my body is electric and burning with a beautiful fire.

You softly stroke my cheek, my neck, my collarbone.

You kiss me again feverishly as if it were the last time,

And in a whisper you tell me: "You are mine."

And I am.

I sway in that moment of the night.

Day 25:

Nascar Track

By Tommy Brunett

Mamma said farmin' don’t pay the bills

Now Daddy makin' money off of a runnin' a still

Buck 40-proof stuffed under the trunk

Hopin' tonight I don’t blow my luck

Hot rod Betty leanin’ on my ford

Picture lookin' pretty on the old dashboard

Rattle Snake Rosie and a bottle of shine

Lookin’ for a penny and I found a dime

Someday I’ll make it to that Nascar track

Under lights on that old speedway

Real catdaddy on my black on black

Blowin' all those fancy cars away

Spied that sheriff comin’ over the hill

Headed for cover behind the old saw mill

Hit the county line doin' a hundred and ten

Unload that trunk then do it again

Someday I’ll make it to that Nascar track

Under lights on that old speedway

Real catdaddy on my black on black

Blowin' all those fancy cars away

I started drivin’ at the age of twelve and I never looked back again

They say I can be a real son of a b*+ch but that’s okay cuz I always win

My tail pipes always smokin' like a snake spittin' whiskey and sin

That’s the fact I’m back in black and I’m the best there’s ever been

Someday I’ll make it to that Nascar track

Under lights on that old speedway

Real catdaddy on my black on black

Blowin' all those fancy cars away

Day 25:

I Wish a Black Man Would Say to Me

By Morgan Danielle Day

She be steppin' with magic.

Restless with royalty,

never resting to achieve perfection is her ever-lasting habit.

Melanin tellin' em she’s a Queen, and her immaculate genetics reign supreme.

Adam could never believe that from the woman of his dreams the mitochondrial DNA

would for all the world conceive.


My beautiful summer’s Eve.

You will always be the apple of my eye.

The only flower that grows unwatered,

I see why your sorcery has the entire world bothered.

The tree of life.

You feed my existence.

Let me fertilize your spirits

and water your inner goddess periodically met with resistance.

I vow to protect the roots that stabilize your mind,

and be sunlight to the fruits you bear when loved rightly overtime.

For your mental

I’ll stimulate your growth,

be your nutrients and your rain,

and I promise that I will now and forevermore

always say your name.

And I would say thank you.

Day 29:

Memoirs of the Rain

By Robin Amaral

Dazzled by the night

I drift into the morning haze

upon cobbled dreams

listening to the rain

pouring memories

on this street, this morning

a song unmistakable

haunting, beautiful

a shadow

a light

and your face

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