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Bohowler's by Tre


Out of an entire planet of witches, only one Bohowler can create portals to other realms. Seven generations have led to this very moment. When unseen forces plot from the shadows, a Fae Nether Breach erupts, threatening to consume Howlingvale. Who alone holds the power to seal it?

      Harnessing new magic, Zoa—an Oil and Glass Witch—begins an epic journey alongside her familiar Ozzie, and a living-broom named Paracelsus. Through painted portals, their quest to close the breach spans newly discovered planets, the past, and even Death itself.

         Will Zoa relinquish her gifts and make the ultimate sacrifice, or embrace another destiny?

        Hexpect fantastic new worlds, bone-chilling surprises, harrowing battles, a dash of romance, and utterly magical adventures.

         Bohowler’s Oil & Glass is the first of seven books in Tré’s bewitching Allspell Septology series.


       If Tim Burton (Nightmare Before Christmas) merged with C. S. Lewis (The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe), wore the kitten heels of Diana Wynne Jones (Howl’s Moving Castle), put on Neil Gaiman’s pants (The Sandman), buttoned up William Goldman’s shirt (The Princess Bride), and slipped into J. R. R. Tolkien’s (Lord of The Rings) tweed jacket, while eating Gideon Defoe’s (The Pirates!) morning biscuit, you might have a story that tickles the realm of Tré’s Bohowler’s. Beautifully spellbinding and riddled with dark humor, this debut novel delivers an exciting Epic Fantasy that leaves fiction lovers on the edge of unknown galaxies, craving pickles.

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